The Lipstick Effect: Cost-of-Living Crisis

During economic downturns, when consumers have less to spend on indulgences, they turn to smaller affordable luxuries for temporary emotional uplifts.
While the rising inflation is driving the living costs in 2022, the Lipstick Effect is kicking in across the continent.
So, we tested the theory to understand the impact of the cost-of-living on consumer behaviour and spending patterns in the UK and France.
Read our full report for insights on what challenges and opportunities the cost-of-living crisis present to the beauty industry.

The Lipstick Effect

This report covers:

  • The influences that impact beauty spending
  • How the current economic situation influences the decisions for buying beauty products
  • Have economic concerns affected the beauty spending
  • The ratio of economic concernt among women at the current situation in the UK and France
  • The economic effect of mass indulgences in small luxuries
  • Age groups that most drive the Lipstick Effect
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